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SRS Lucisano, formed in the late 1940's, has always been active in the field of plastic injection molding. In the early 1980's SRS Lucisano starts producing its own brand of boating accessories. Today SRS Lucisano produces a wide range of accessories for inflatable boats. SRS Lucisano�s extensive range of boating accessories encompasses:
  • the widely known range of SUPER air pumps (the original "Wonder Pumps"), now improved with the new range of HIGH-PRESSURE air pumps
  • PUSH-PUSH inflatable boat valves, the first inflation and deflation valves on the market available with our original "PUSH-PUSH System" for opening and closing, and now the new PROFILE valves especially designed for all those applications where mechanical resistance is a primary requirement (rescue inflatable boats, military inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks and inflatable structures in general)
  • oars, paddles, boat-hooks, all built with thick anodized aluminum rods, available in fixed length version, demountable version, and three different telescopic versions, one of which is even supplied with a built-in bilge pump, our original "PUSH&PUMP System"
  • oar-locks, oar collars
Our goal is to produce really high quality accessories for really high quality inflatables. Our products are renowned for being both reliable and durable. We manage this both through thoughtful design and careful manufacturing, assembly and quality control processes. Additionally, we do believe in providing our customers not only with first class products but also with first class service, may it mean personalizing one of our products to better fit your needs, or just organizing a really urgent shipment of great importance to you.


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