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Oars, Paddles and Boat-Hooks

Oars, Paddles and Boat-Hooks

Natural colored anodized aluminium rod (thickness: 1 mm) 30 mm diameter or 35 mm diameter.
Blades, handles, retaining rings, hooks and oar-locks made of shockproof plastic material.
The blades of the double paddle are orientable at three different angles.
Non-standard lengths available on request.
Oars, Paddles and boat-hooks are also available in the telescopic version.
The variable dimensions of the telescopic version offer many advantages:
  • greater ergonomy,
  • fit the different personal needs and conditions of use,
  • smaller space necessary for storage and transportation.

Blade 2000


The blade is made of polypropylene, light and strong, with rounded edges and glazed surface.
Available in 2 versions:
  • to be riveted [SRSB02],
  • detachable [SRSB03].
Order them with your own logo (for large quantities only).
For 35 mm diameter rods.
Length 55 cm.
Maximum width 13 cm.
Color: black or grey.

Oars, Paddles and Boat-Hooks
Unlosable Blade


Blade in ABS with a safety system preventing accidental disconnection.
For 35 mm diameter rods.
Length 46 cm.
Maximum width 13 cm.
Available in black only.



Black polypropylene boat-hook for 35 mm diameter rods [SRSB07] and 30 mm diameter rods [SRSB08].

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