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PROFILE Valve for Inflatable Boats and Kayaks

PROFILE Boat Valve

PROFILE Boat Valve

PROFILE Boat Valve

Designed and built for all those applications where mechanical resistance is a primary requirement: PROFILE is particularly fit for inflatable boats, kayaks, and for industrial applications.

Equipped with our original "Push-Push System" for easy opening and closing: Beware of imitations!

Made of a non-hygroscopic POM even stronger than the one used for regular Push-Push Valves: PROFILE Valves are dimensionally stable because they do not absorb humidity, while valves made in Nylon may absorb water, causing them to deform and to leak!

The cap of PROFILE totally covers the valve body, protecting it from the outside. The profile of the cap is really low on the fabric of the inflatable boat / kayak, less then 13 mm, but its accurate design makes it really easy to grip.
The internal plastic string that connects the cap to the body of the valve is completely hidden under the cap.

PROFILE Valves are protected from the inside by a really thick plastic cage less than 39 mm tall.

Double silicone seal, on the poppet and on the cap. PROFILE Valves are checked one by one during production for accidental leakage. PROFILE Valves do not leak even without the cap inserted!

The double seal, on the poppet and on the cap, prevents any possible leakage. During production PROFILE Valves are CHECKED ONE BY ONE for accidental leakage!

Standard color: grey. Personalised colors available on request (for large quantities only - quotation on request).

Your own logo can be molded on the cap (for large quantities only - quotation on request).

Hole on the fabric ~ 38 mm � (~ 1 1/2 inch �).


PROFILE Boat Valve

PROFILE Valves can be used with the 3rd bigger adapter in our universal adapter wheel.

PROFILE Boat Valve

The pressure inside the inflatable boat can be measured with a special pressure gauge [SRSV106] [SRSV101].


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