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Adapters for Inflatable Boat Valves

Detachable Bayonet Connection Adapter

Detachable Bayonet Connection Adapter [SRSA100]

Adapter for our Push-Push Inflatable Boat Valves.

Detachable Universal Bayonet Connection Adapter

Detachable Universal Bayonet Connection Adapter [SRSA200]

Fits most inflatable boat valves with a bayonet connection.

Fixed Bayonet Connection Adapter

Fixed Bayonet Connection Adapter for Push-Push Inflatable Boat Valves [SRSA300]

If you are afraid of loosing your Detachable Bayonet Connection Adapter [SRSA100], or if you think that the adapter might disconnect from the hose when pumping at high pressures, ask for our SUPER pumps to be supplied with our new Fixed Bayonet Connection Adapter [SRSA300] [highlighted in blu].

Our new Fixed Bayonet Connection Adapter is available on both SUPER pumps and SUPER pumps HIGH-PRESSURE [*just add a "B" to the end of the code of the pump].

Pumps with the new Fixed Bayonet Connection Adapter will come without the universal adapter wheel. If you think that you might also want to use the regular universal fittings, ask us to provide you with two hoses, one with the Fixed Bayonet Connection Adapter and one with the universal fittings wheel.


Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge [SRS0100]

Pressure gauge to be applied on the top of the handle of SUPER pumps.

It is supplied with a protective plastic cap.

Maximum pressure 1 atm (14.7 psi).

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge with Schockproof Protection [SRS0102]

Pressure gauge with rubber-like shockproof protection.

Maximum pressure 1 atm (14.7 psi).

Pressure Gauge

Schockproof Protection for Pressure Gauge [SRS0101]

Rubber-like schockproof protection.


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